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Project Description


  • High strength efficiency
  • Balanced construction
  • Loadbearing cores protected by a Braided jacket

Due to our historical links with Hull’s trawler industry, our riggers have over 50 years experience in wire and fibre rope work.

Our time served riggers can perform a variety of hand splicing activities to suit the needs of our customers, from hand splicing mooring ropes to complex rigging on yachts.

Our riggers have the skills required to ensure any rigging project can be fulfilled. Distributors for English Braids and Bridon Ropes we have strong links with the rope works industry.
We can supply almost any type of fibre rope for marine, industrial, agriculture and yachting purposes.

  • Over 50 years experience
  • Industry expects
  • Reliable and professional
  • We manufacture our own goods
  • We test and certify
  • We operate throughout the UK
  • We produce quality work


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